Open beta-testing

Well, here’s the long-awaited announcement and the beginning of open beta testing!
We present our game “Jelly Nova”!

This is a game of the genre “three in a row” with a completely unique gameplay that will amaze you from the first levels! Exciting levels, spatial puzzles, unique characters and more are waiting for you in the game!

Join the open beta! The game is still under development and many aspects will be further developed. At this stage of production of the game we need to collect statistics of passability levels: their interest and complexity.

How to play:
• Match 3 or more aliens in a line.
• Match more than 3 aliens to get a bonus.
• Match bonus with aliens of the same color.
• Rotate the field to make the aliens fall at a different angle.
• After level 20, the first character comes off.
• Accumulate the scale of the character and activate his ability.
• Drop the battery in the designated cells.
• Make a combination near the meteorite and the box to destroy them.
• Make a combination in the highlighted cell to highlight the rest.

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