Development of educational games for kids

Изображение для детских игр

Our company has already gained experience in developing serious game projects and now we are pleased to present our new game! This time we turned our attention to a younger audience!
The first game for children is already preparing for the exit. It will be an educational and educational game that will help to occupy your baby with benefit!
Puzzles – a popular representative of logic games for the little ones. This game will be interesting to boys and girls aged 1 to 5 years.
The application helps the child learn a lot of new things about the world, develops fine motor skills, patience and ability to concentrate.
In our game you will find a set of eight informative themes: “domestic animals”, “wild animals”, “marine inhabitants”, “dinosaurs”, “numbers”, “figures”, “fruits”, “vegetables”.
Cheerful music and encouraging voice of the game will inspire your child to complete the levels, and even the smallest users will be able to master a convenient and intuitive interface.

Game features:
★ Eight educational topics!
★ Play with English voice acting!
★ Three puzzle modes: silhouettes, halves and parts!
★ Colorful pictures!

The game will be available on Android and iOS
Follow our news and wait for the release of the game in the near future!

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